Become a New Member

To be eligible, an individual should be pursuing an active full-time career in academic pediatrics as a faculty member at a teaching institution in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Pennsylvania (including Pittsburgh), Manitoba, or Saskatchewan.


  • Abstract submission to the Scientific Meeting.
  • Registration discount for the Scientific Meeting.
  • Society voting rights. (Full Members).
  • May be elected to serve as a member of the Midwest SPR Governance (Full Members).


General Criteria

  • Engaged in pediatric research.
  • Work in these areas:
    United States: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Pennsylvania.
    Canada: Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
  • Members of the SPR in the Midwest Region receive complimentary MSPR membership.
  • Members of APS and previous members of the Midwest SPR do not require sponsorship.  Membership is automatic upon MSPR dues payment.
  • Membership is granted upon approval of the MSPR Membership Committee Chair and MSPR dues payment.

Full Membership Requirements

  • Author of at least one scientific paper published in a peer reviewed journal. (First author position required for Full membership candidates).
  • Current curriculum vitae.
  • Letter of support from a Full MSPR member.

Emeritus Membership

  • Limited to those individuals who are officially “retired” or have reached their 65th birthday by the time of the annual meeting. Emeritus membership may be granted at the request of the individual or at the discretion of the Council. Emeritus members shall not vote or hold office.

Junior Membership

  • Available to fellows and residents who are currently enrolled in a pediatric training program  and junior faculty within 3 years of fellowship.
  • Requires a letter of verification from a Program Chair or Director.

Junior Section

Purpose: To introduce and integrate fellows, residents and junior faculty from the Midwest to Midwest SPR by promoting scholarly work and providing mentorship, resources and educational offerings for successfully transitioning to faculty positions.

The Midwest SPR Junior Section will serve as a resource for:
• Professional and scholarly networking in a variety of settings and platforms.
• Mentorship and resources for developing essential skills for academic career development.
• Opportunities for participation in the activities of the Society.

Junior Section members will not have voting rights, but may participate in society activities at the discretion of the Council.

Eligibility: Fellows and residents who are currently enrolled in a pediatric training program in an academic institution in the Midwest and junior faculty within 3 years of fellowship.

Requirement: Candidates should submit a letter of verification from their Program Director or Department Chair.

Dues: There are no dues for Junior Section membership. It is anticipated that Junior Section members will transition to Full membership at the conclusion of their eligibility period.

Structure: The Junior Section will have a President and a President-Elect elected by the Section members. A President-Elect will be elected each year with the expectation that she/he will become the President the next year. If the President or President-Elect relinquishes the position for any reason, a special election will be held to select a new President or President-Elect to serve the remaining part of the year.

Responsibility of the President:
– Represent the interests of Junior Members at Council meetings.
– Represent Midwest SPR at the SPR Junior Section meetings.
– Help develop and maintain mentorship program to connect trainees with faculty for professional development and networking purposes.
– Produce and distribute newsletters to Junior Section members.

Responsibility of the President-Elect 
– Represent the needs and interests of trainees at Council meetings.
– Develop and maintain social media accounts for the Junior Section as both recruitment and communication tools.
– Plan and organize social events for Junior Section members at Midwest SPR and PAS meetings for networking purposes.


Full Member – $110.00: Independent faculty researchers elected into the Midwest SPR.

Junior Member – No annual dues assessed.

Emeritus Member – No annual dues assessed.

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